Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Traditions Card Class November 2012

 Last month the ladies at Traditions requested Thanksgiving Cards- So I reached into my magic pile of papers and pulled out these lovelies.  Love birds-love hostess sets-love this Indigo Island paper-sweet and simple just right for the class-I wonder how many knots I'll have to tie today?  LOL
 I don't know what it is about this card but I love the minimalism and frankly up cycling of it.  If you look back a number of posts ago I did a bag topper that uses these exact pieces of paper-I cut way to many pieces so I designed them into the card-now this brings up an interesting question-I see so many cool hip cards that use these little bits of paper and I wonder how did that person think of using that?  Is this how they think of those little bits?  are they just rummaging around in their pile of cast offs?-I don't know but this worked for me and for this card class.
What's a class without some big shot!  This Woodland embossing folder is very coo and on trend.  What better to pair apples with?  There is a fruit pun in there somewhere.  If you got the pun post me a comment-I think I'm talking to myself here.

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