Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

 Happy Easter everyone out there in this crazy world.  No matter what your beliefs or state of heart Easter is a reminder of renewal -of making new again- If new years didn't do it for you and lent was a bust-Easter is a time to just begin again.  No promises not resolutions just new starts.  I hope you that is reading this has a wonderful Easter and a renewed energy this Spring.  It's a tough time to feel light and alive in you heart with politics and terrorism and fear.  To borrow a quote from Sister Pat at GMA High School in her Easter letter.  "Today Jesus’ resurrection takes our fears, our worries, our hurts and sadness and puts them all into perspective. He rose so that He could say to each one of us what he said to the Good Thief: You will be with me in Paradise!"
   So no matter where you are today- you can have rewards with a renewed heart!  Happy Easter- Happy Spring!  May the God of all Bless you!

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