Monday, April 20, 2015

Striped Scallop Thinlit- Inlayed on Park Lane DSP

 This next Card featuring the Striped Scallop Thinlit Die Is the one that started it all.  I wanted to do the inlay so I have to cut one each of Soft Suede, Blackberry Bliss, Calypso Coral, Old Olive.  After I made this card I had the other frames left over so I went ahead and made cards to use those up. 

    So I promised some tips, since I like these projects so much that I decided to use them as the projects for my Hostess Event today.  So, I've cut alot of these out!  I knew I needed to make the cards use half a piece of the Scallop so each of them is actually a little less then half a piece.  The scallops are 5.5 x 4.25 inches.  When cutting the pieces I cut off the bottom row of scallops and then cut them in half when cutting the piece in lanscape.  This way the two halves were identical despite there being an odd number of row of scallops.  When cutting in half portrait there was no waste to cut away.
     My next tip when cutting out many of these use wax paper between the die and card stock.  I use Hamburger Patty wax paper sheets I got on Amazon-they are pre cut and have nice straight edges which leads to my next tip.  Cut your cardstock into 4.  You know at 5.5 and at 4.25 this makes the die a very tight fit.  Use the magnetic platform and when you are placing your paper wax paper die sandwich on the plate first stand them on the edge that has all spikey pieces sticking up so that you align the die card stock and wax paper the way you would tap a deck of cards to align them.  Then lay the stack down with out shifting if you can. 
    I used two way glue to put the die cut pieces together it work really well and I put a silicone mat under so I didn't have glue everywhere.  If you let it all dry and go back with an adhesive eraser you can take off any excess glue and this is a good tip you can "erase" any flyaway bits of card stock that may have been hanging on to the die cut edges. 
   My last tip-I put all the little scallops in a container so that if I want to do more cards I don't have to cut out tons of scales again. 
   Enjoy and have fun-if you don't have the Striped Scallop I hope you will buy one today while they are still on the weekly deal-and if you don't have a demonstrator I hope you will buy it from me!
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